The release date has been set for my ‘Print on demand” book; “Truth in the Flesh” an introduction to apologetics, for August 20. It will be published by Theocentric Publishing Group, a desk top publishing service.
The book is a polished up version of notes and reflections form my introduction to apologetics course used at church. The book covers both negative and positive apologetics. It deals with the problem of evil and suffering, science, other religions, wishful thinking objections and the falsifiability problem. Positively it argues that Christian theology is a science, that is a disciplined pursuit of truth, giving a complete argument for all the sources of Christian belief. Special features of the book include a discussion of “Blank Stare” arguments and the social dimensions of belief and doubt, guidance in using apologetics in personal conversation, and ends with a gospel presentation for non-believing readers. I use personal anecdotes from my own experiences in the academy to illustrate the material. Bibiographic sources are given in the footnotes fro anyone who wants to follow up and learn more about specific issues. The book avoids going into the presuppositional/classical/evidentialist debate but can be said to be in the spirit of the Old Princeton approach.

The book will appear then on but it will not indicate that the book is for sale. The book is for sale for $14.95. As soon as I have a link, I will post it. Thank you for your interest.

UPDATE: The release of “Truth in the Flesh” has been postponed but is expected sometime in the Fall. I regret any inconvenience to you.