Suppose you had a successful research program in science. Let’s say such a program would involve certain assumptions which make up the non-negotiable core that possible methods, paradigm examples, and hypotheses have to be consistent with, a body of work that in various ways positively contributed to the fecundity of the program, and a fairly nominal amount of ad hoc bootstrapping to cope with counter-examples to research. Such a program would appear to be fairly praised and it’s legitimacy in continuing would be very strong.

But then suppose that a set of assumptions came to be wide spread among socially established groups with in the society of the sciences. And suppose these assumptions came to be accepted as established without any real successful research and supported with an abundance of ad hoc moves, even going so far as to be proclaimed in cliches that do the thinking for the scientists. Then supposes that the assumptions of this bastard program logically excluded some of the assumptions of the fruitful program.

It’s conceivable that the fruitful program will be set aside on no other grounds but that it is logically excluded by the bastard program. The fruitfulness would not play a role in the consideration. The fruitful program simple comes to a stop, solely on the grounds of preference. It would another instance of the fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

I think that we have something like this now with the great American Experiment and the common sense empiricism behind it’s institutions, it’s economy, and it’s pluralism and so on. Because of it’s foundational arguments, America went from a colonial agrarian republics to a world commercial power while elevating and preserving one of the highest domestic standards in history. But now it is being set aside by a national socialist regime alien to America’s founding presuppositions and which in the experience of other countries has proven to have a track record that descends from onerous to murderous.

The main objection to American flourishing is the forced false dilemma of either being a member of the herd or being the creative cultural pioneer. This overlooks the logical hierarchy of storied that span from low to high adventure that are written by many Americans, especially the story of the Immigrant and the Entrepreneur. America is the land of freedom, equality, and opportunity, the great American Narrative, even though it is mixed with personal irresponsibility or bad luck, two things you can only mitigate and not eliminate.

It is just foolish to will the end of America on such grounds. And cruel.