Is the Tea Party movement a crypto-evangelical awakening in the tradition of American religious awakenings? There was that suprisingly apolitical, vaguely religious Glenn Beck rally which Beck says he was mysteriously led to keep off political topics.

Some of the demographics are starting to come out about the composition of the Tea Party in America. By any account, there are a variety of groups in it. But it seems that the Tea Party is a fuzzy set. Consider the majority (60%<x) in each of these categories. In age, the 40's. In education, college to master's degree. In region, rural. In wealth, $50,000 per anum or more. And finally, in religious profession, overwhelmingly Protestant. (Catholic representation is small but not insignificant but next to no Jewish representation.)

Putting this together, it seems that the fuzzy set of Tea Partiers is centered on a core group that is most likely traditional evangelicals. The Tea Party could be. Crypto Awakening. It is clear that by focusing on fiscal issues and refusing to emphasize social issues, the Tea Party was able succeed by obscuring any possible ties with Evangelical Faith. However, the worldwide impression made by the movement begs for deeper understanding. Is faith in Christ the key?